Performance Testing In The Cloud & Blazemeter

Cloud technology is changing the way our applications work and the expectations of users in terms of certain features like real-time syncing.

The key difference when running a performance test for the cloud is to try and test the application for its performance (usability, scalability and reliability) in a non functional test (performance test).

User experience when the application is under load is studied in load - stress - performance test. However performance test infrastructure setup is one key activity before starting a test and a lot of challenges are faced during the same which include:

  1. Environment usage planning is extremely important since the resources are costly. If not planned well, mismanagement may lead to in appropriate planning and thus insufficient usage of infrastructure resources.
  2. Most of the times the servers are managed by a time and utilized by another. With increase in the infrastructure complications, teams are required to depend on each other causing delays in the core work of software development.
  3. Softwares to be installed on the servers need to be purchased and those are very expensive
  4. Along with money investment, infrastructure management requires significant amount of time investment also in activities like procurement of servers, software installation, etc.

If all of these pains are taken while setting performance testing environment, then the budget will far exceed what the activity may justify for (optimization is the key). It is hence important to outsource this activity and what better than cloud? If the test infrastructure is procured from cloud, one can enjoy following benefits -

  1. Focus on core performance testing activity
  2. Pay-per-use
  3. Template and Instance: Template and instance feature in cloud help one create a replica of a machine that he needs. Based on this replica (template) one can later very easily create an instance of the same machine and thus use it. He is hence not required to bear the cost of maintaining the machine till it is not used the next time.
Blazemeter: Load - Performance - Stress testing on Cloud

BlazeMeter's Load Testing Platform for Developers is designed for professional use, is equipped with a self-service, on-demand platform and advanced scripting capabilities leveraging JMeter and Selenium (WebDriver). BlazeMeter can run multiple load tests that easily simulate load of up to 300,000 concurrent users from both the public cloud or inside the corporate firewall, enabling its customers to quickly locate and fix performance bottlenecks.

You can create proprietary test scripts and load scenarios using a graphical web environment. BlazeMeter offers web-based test management, archiving, repository, cloud-based monitoring, rich scripting language, and supports HTTP/S, web-services, XML, TCP, SQL, Login (Flash, images, streaming) and more.

BlazeMeter enables you to write load test-scripts using JMeter and user-experience test-scripts using Selenium .BlazeMeter will generate a load based on the JMeter script. The Selenium script is used during the load to automate the launch of real browsers to measure the real end-user experience.

The load and monitoring is using a pre-configured distributed load testing environment. The environment is ready to use and available at all times.

If you are not familiar with Selenium and do not wish to create a Selenium test-script, the system can generate one for your programmatically based on landing pages you provide (Using our GET and POST feature). If you want the same for your JMeter script, BlazeMeter generates JMeter scripts automatically.

With BlazeMeter, all you need is to write the test-scripts, choose the amount of load-engines and run the test. The system takes care of the everything else. Unlimited number of load-engines are pre-configured and available at your disposal. Detailed graphical reports are generated during the load.

BlazeMeter also offers Enterprise services as well as scripting services, scripting support and full turnkey solutions. For more about our service, please Contact Us.

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