Price & Total Cost

When evaluating the cost of cloud performance testing software, there is more to consider than just the upfront or monthly costs. In this section we take a look at the overall cost most organizations will need to invest in their cloud performance testing software, and provide some things for you to consider:

Base cost
Start by evaluating the monthly or annual license costs based on similar configurations from each vendor. Then look at the "scaling" cost for each vendor based on the needs of a company over time (from "starter" to enterprise).

Training / Learning
Setting up new software requires an investment in time - often for many different roles, depending on the complexity of the implementation. Look at the total cost of training, ranging from creating simple tests, learning how to build extensive custom scripts, to understanding integration with other applications through an API.

The actual implementation time to setup tests, create custom scripts, and integrating the testing tool with other software is worth considering. Ease of use, or existing libraries for the API, as well as the availability of a broad range of advanced scripts, and average time to implementation should weigh into considerations when pricing out options.

Finally, the amount of custom development time during the tool integration period with existing work flows is important. Understanding this investment, and getting your testing solution running in a timely manner is a key point to consider for any size organization.

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