Software Maturity & Reliability

The load and performance testing market has generated a lot more awareness and become much more standard over the last several years. Although there are emerging startups in the performance testing market, the maturity of the product may affect reliability, ongoing evolution, and long-term viability.

In this section we evaluate:

Product Maturity
Be sure to look at the maturity of the product to determine how much "real world" use it has, including feedback from users over time. Based on this information, you can determine if there could be an effect (positive or negative) if you were to select this product as your primary testing tool.

Product Reliability
Along with the amount of time on the market, you should look at the overall reliability of the product based on external endorsements or criticisms, including any user feedback, industry ratings and reports.

Product Viability
Finally, try and determine the likelihood of the product's viability over time to ensure that you're selecting a product that will still have an active support cycle after implementation.

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