Scalability - Scaling Out

Chances are that your current users are accessing your application from various geographical locations with varying internet connectivity quality and speeds. Online applications that respond ideally in San Francisco may completely timeout in Mumbai.

Here are various scaling criteria for multi-geographic requirements:

Can tests be run in multiple geographies?
Most websites and applications have users from all over the world, so it's important for the performance tests you run to be distributed across multiple geographies. If your server is in a data center somewhere in western North America, you must ensure that the performance of your application is acceptable for users in eastern North America, Europe, and Asia - not only for people in California.

How extensive is the geographical reach?
Determine how many different countries and locations are available for each testing tool.

Can Geographical Locations Be Configured?
Can you select specific geographical locations for specific activities as part of the evaluation? Providing this level of configuration can help in more advanced scenarios as discovering bottlenecks specific to a geographical area becomes pertinent.

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