API Capabilities

Although "out of the box" integration with existing tools is important, most applications require some element of customizing for performance testing.

In this section we evaluate the availability, robustness, and documentation of vendor APIs.

Does the vendor provide an API?
API's (Application Programming Interface) give you the ability to connect your software with the testing software. Having access to an API can help automate your performance testing in a more efficient manner. By using code that is already developed for your website or application, you're garaunteed interoperability.

API Extensiveness
If the testing tool provider provides an API, you should test the scope and capabilities of the API to determine the benefit.

API Ease of Use
Along with the extensiveness of the API, it's important to look at how easy it is to setup connections and use the API. Your considerations should include the availability of programming libraries, or "helper" scripts, and the different protocols that are available.

API Documentation
Finally, be sure to evaluate the availability and scope of the documentation for APIs that are available to developers, as well as any additional resources like forums or FAQs.

Even if you do not intend to use a custom integration, you should be aware of the capabilities of a vendor before making an investment or long-term commitment.

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