You use a variety of tools to manage your application, so it's critical for your performance testing tool to integrate with these tools and your workflow.

Here are some things worth considering:

Does the vendor provide "out of the box" integrations?
Does the vendor provide simple integration with existing software? Be sure to evaluate the total number of integrations that they do provide and the popularity of these integrations.

Application Integration
Most testing tools enable you to run individual tests through their interface, but you may want to integrate with your own development and management tools to run tests as new features get released or new versions of your application or software go live. Be sure to look at the availability and scope of these integration options.

Monitoring & Operations Integration
Along with application integration, look for specific integrations with monitoring and operation tools for a full-featured testing solution.

Workflow Integration
You should evaluate the process for testing and compatibility with common workflows, ranging from launching new features to new environment configurations. Having workflow integration with the testing software can make the overall application management more efficient and consistent throughout the lifecycle of the website or application.

Although individual test cases are helpful for periodic testing and benchmarking, integration with your existing investments in production and maintenance is important for keeping performance optimized.

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