Ease Of Scripting & Recording

All vendors make it easy to setup a simple "http request", but if you want to run specific and advanced scenarios, it's important that scripting tests are straightforward. Recording results is important for establishing benchmarks and reports on progress as well as any potential issues.

Here is how we evaluate this section:

Can users create custom scripts?
"Scripts" are the cumulative actions that you want to test for with each performance test. Customized scripts allow you to create specific and more advanced tests that are more customized and relevant to your website or software.

Ease of creating scripts
Many tools use different languages and configurations for creating scripts. Be sure to look at how simple it is to create individual scripts, as well how easy it is to save them for re-use. You should also evaluate the scope and availability of commonly used scripts to speed up the creation of common tests.

How Extensive And Robust Is Scripting?
While ease of use is important, it's also important that you can configure advanced scripts for specific or unique scenarios. Be sure to look for the extensibility of the scripting language, and options, as well as whether the software is configurable for advanced users.

Recording options
While test results are important, recording individual tests, and being able to see how they perform, can be critical to understanding specific issues that arise during the process. Make note of any recording options that are available, possible restrictions, the output format, and the ability to save recordings or not.

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