Setup & Configuration

Setting up your testing environment, and being able to adjust configurations for your specific objectives, should be straightforward and easy. If you're unable to setup tests that reflect your needs and meet business objectives, this should be a non-starter.

Here are some specific things to consider in evaluating the setup and configuration of your test, and the criteria we use to evaluate vendors:

Speed to Setup
How fast can you build new testing environments? How soon can you start running tests? Although more advanced testing may take longer to setup, speed from beginning to end is an important criteria to consider when getting up and running.

Ease of Setup
How easy is it to get a new test started?

Ease of Configuration
How simple is it to configure a test? Are there basic and advanced options? Is it intuitive to find options? Can someone duplicating configuration (from previous tests)?

Configuration Options
Although most tools provide basic configuration for performing tests, every website and application is different, and you don't want to find out that the tool you've selected can't support a key component of your software.

We realize that each organization is different and will have different requirements. We evaluate each vendor in an overall fashion based on these elements.

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